Food Sourcing

We travel around the globe to find the best products and raw materials. Our worldwide suppliers are selected based on the most stringent requirements.


We work on continuous quality improvement and produce in accordance with the most stringent health, safety and environmental regulations.


Thalassa Seafoods specializes in the sales and distribution of quality seafoods around the globe.
We combine the highest standards of food quality with the most competitive prices.

New product development

We are continuously on the lookout for new opportunities to improve and extend our product portfolio.

Product packaging

From design to production, Thalassa Seafoods creates your product package so your seafood product can be presented in the most attractive way.


Thalassa Seafoods supports you with innovative financing methods and helps you gain access to flexible financial resources.


Thalassa Seafoods will monitor your delivery closely and offers reliable logistic services including storage, import & export management, and transport.